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Hot, sexy alphas and the strong, fierce heroines they can't get enough of...

   Luke & Claire

Hot-as-hell billionaire, Luke Masters, built a life of money, power, and sex. He's used to making the world bend to his desires, and it’s been a long time since anyone told him no. When his sultry, smart electrical contractor, Claire English, doesn't bow to his every whim, it’s a challenge he can’t resist.

Comfortable competing in a male-dominated world, Claire doesn't intimidate easily. But the raw power and coiled energy of the sexy billionaire has her body resonating with a hard-wired need. The chemistry between them is a distraction--a distraction neither of them can afford. The only way to get their focus back is to let the sparks fly and surrender to the heat smoldering between them. But will igniting the passion lead to an explosive desire or will the fire consume them both?

Luke Masters is falling in love with Claire English and he doesn’t like it. The billionaire developer is far more comfortable giving screaming orgasms than tender kisses, but his sassy electrical contractor wants both. With Claire knocking down the walls around his heart and someone wrecking things on his jobsite, his whole world is shifting. For a man used to making things go his way, he’s feeling unmoored.

When a trip to a private club awakens Claire’s curiosity, Luke is determined to bring her fantasies to life. But is it a dream come true or a way for him to retreat from the love he’s afraid of and into the pleasure he knows so well? As simple sabotage escalates to possible murder, Luke and Claire have no choice but to trust each other completely or risk losing everything.

Emotionally constipated billionaire developer, Luke Masters might finally be learning to love. His strong sexy electrical contractor, Claire English has blown down his barriers and claimed his heart. Just because he’s decided to give this relationship thing a try, doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. Old habits die hard and Luke’s had a lifetime to pick up the bad ones.

Claire’s battled desperately to keep her heart safe from the selfish billionaire who owns her body and wants her soul, but against her better judgment, she’s fallen in love. Luke has promised her the world and more importantly his heart. She’s not sure whether to believe him, but she’s already lost. It’s too late to turn back now.

With something far more sinister than a broken heart threatening to rip them apart can they find their way back to each other and the love they’re just learning to trust or will they lose everything?

Complete Collection

Read Luke and Claire's complete story from their explosive meeting to the long anticipated happily ever after.

Julie Blake thought she’d gotten over her first love, but when a business deal gone wrong brings her to his restaurant on Christmas Eve, she falls right back into his arms. 

Celebrity chef Eric Auxtres may have seduced the only woman he's ever loved into his bed again, but can he find a way into her heart or will she walk out of his life as unexpectedly as she walked in?

Chef Eric Auxtres's worst fears have come true. After a passionate weekend in each other's arms, Julie Blake has disappeared from his life...again. But Eric isn't content to let her go, not until they work out whatever this thing is between them - feelings that burn hot enough to melt both of their walls. 

This time, however, something more sinister than cold feet has driven Julie from his arms and it will take more than his will to get her back.

Chef Eric Auxtres has Julie Blake back in his arms and his bed, and he’s found a way into her heart. But as the investigation into her brother’s kidnapping goes deeper, it uncovers more puzzles than solutions, and nothing is exactly as it seems. 

With so many questions still unanswered will their love be enough to hold them together or will the ultimate betrayal tear them apart forever.

Eric & Julie

Billionaire developer Luke Master and his wife Claire are used to controlling both their boardrooms and their smoking hot bedroom. The arrival of their baby six months ago changed everything, and the tiny love of their lives has reset the new parent's agenda, leaving them in need of some serious alone time. An unexpected island adventure complete with a trusted babysitter is the perfect opportunity to reignite the fire between them, but have the last few months chasing after the baby left them on different continents, or are they finally in sight of having everything they've ever wanted?
From New York Times bestselling author Evelyn Adams...

Wanted is a sexy novella showing what happens after Luke and Claire's Happily Ever After. It can be read after Wired, Wanton and Won, but fits chronologically after Julie and Eric's story, Wrapped Around You.

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