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Ever wonder what it would be like to act out those secret naughty fantasies you’ve read about? Studio 1247 is a place for couples to explore the darker, sexier sides of themselves. It’s a place where the only limit on your desire is your imagination. 

Love Unbound

Cat loves her husband. He’s a sweet, tender man and a great father. Their intimate life is… fine. Between kids and careers, they don’t have as much time as she’d like, but she really can’t complain. She is used to being in control –at home, at school –but lately some of the books she’s been reading make her wonder what it would be like to surrender for a change and give control to the man she loves. 

When Owen overhears his wife’s book club, he gets a “shade” more than he bargained on. How is a sensitive, equal opportunity man supposed to dominate his strong, competent wife? Owen might not be your typical alpha male, but using his scientist’s mind and some careful planning, maybe he can turn his Cat into a kitten—at least for the weekend.


Bound to Please

Anne loves her husband. He is a strong, tender man and a committed father, and he knows everything about her…well almost everything. After nearly twenty years together, she still finds it hard to tell him what she wants. Lately some of the books she’s been reading make her wonder what it would be like to be more adventurous. 

Matt has it on good authority that Anne’s book club is reading stories that are anything but vanilla. When a friend offers him the use of Studio 1247 to make his wife’s secret fantasies come true, Matt has a chance to plan a weekend that will stretch both their limits and hopefully push them back into each other’s arms. 

Bound with Love

When control freak, Beth, tries to get pregnant, she finds out not everything follows her schedule. She wants a family, but it may come at the expense of her marriage. 

Brad feels like he has one job – knock up his wife – and every time he fails, he feels like less of a man. He’s tired of making love with a purpose but without passion. 

At a surprise meeting with the husbands of his wife’s book club, Brad finds out Beth’s reading list has strayed far from vanilla. When a friend offers him the use of Studio 1247, he has a chance to help Beth surrender to her secret desires and remember that her body is made for pleasure. Hers and his.


With the demands of children and careers, it's too easy for lovemaking to take a backseat to obligations. The Forbidden Fruit series are juicy stories intended to rekindle a couple's passions and encourage them to discover new ones.

Take a break, take some time, try something new, and you might find your way into the backseat together.

Love Uncovered

Hot, spontaneous, adventurous sex defined Max and Julie until real life turned them from lovers into barely-ever-have-sex roommates. But no more. 

Finally, with time alone, they have a chance to rediscover everything they once loved about each other. Can the touch of her mouth on him still steal his breath? When he kisses the dimples at the small of her back, will she still come apart under him? After years of negotiating, can he still be her dominant alpha, commanding her pleasure and his? 

Or will reuniting be a passionate new adventure beyond anything they’ve ever experienced? 

Love Unlocked

After sixteen years of marriage, Jack and Christine’s sex life has gotten as boring and predictable as their overbooked schedules. Between work, soccer practice and grabbing dinner on the run, there's little time for just the two of them. 


Jack's had enough. He's decided to live life to the fullest, and he's starting with their love life. It's time to spice things up and re-ignite their love. If his plan works, it will unlock a passion for each other they never knew they had.

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