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Feels Like Home

Tired of living under the shadow of her mother's bad choices, Autumn Maddox left home the first chance she got. But when her carefully constructed life crumbles around her, Autumn's forced to return to the small southern town that never let her forget she came from the wrong side of the tracks.


Jude Southerland, the town doctor, is used to taking care of people. With a pedigree that has the Ladies Auxiliary reaching for their fans, he’s easily the town’s most eligible bachelor – a status he has no intention of changing. That is until he almost runs down the Maddox girl he never noticed in school and suddenly finds her lush curves, dark curls and blue eyes consuming his thoughts, day and night. 


Autumn would like nothing more than to live happily ever after with Jude. But with every local matron in the valley trying to marry him off to their own daughters, she knows they won’t let her forget that she's not good enough and never will be. With the chance to finally find happiness, can she overcome her family history and find the confidence she needs to believe in herself or will she let love pass her by? 


With the demands of children and careers, it's too easy for lovemaking to take a backseat to obligations.

The Forbidden Fruit series are juicy stories intended to rekindle a couple's passions and encourage them to discover new ones.

Take a break, take some time, try something new, and you might find your way into the backseat together.

Love Uncovered

Hot, spontaneous, adventurous sex defined Max and Julie until real life turned them from lovers into barely-ever-have-sex roommates. But no more. 

Finally, with time alone, they have a chance to rediscover everything they once loved about each other. Can the touch of her mouth on him still steal his breath? When he kisses the dimples at the small of her back, will she still come apart under him? After years of negotiating, can he still be her dominant alpha, commanding her pleasure and his? 

Or will reuniting be a passionate new adventure beyond anything they’ve ever experienced? 

Love Unlocked

After sixteen years of marriage, Jack and Christine’s sex life has gotten as boring and predictable as their overbooked schedules. Between work, soccer practice and grabbing dinner on the run, there's little time for just the two of them. 


Jack's had enough. He's decided to live life to the fullest, and he's starting with their love life. It's time to spice things up and re-ignite their love. If his plan works, it will unlock a passion for each other they never knew they had.

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