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The snow storm that wasn't

I'm sure by now many of you are digging out from this week's snow. The minions were thrilled with the idea of a snow day in March. Our county is large and bumps up against the Blue Ridge so when we get snow, they tend to get a couple of snow days in a row. They went to bed Monday night with very high hopes and woke up Tuesday to ...rain. Lots and lots of rain. The kind of rain that would have meant a foot or more of snow had it just been a few degrees colder. All they got out of the deal was a measly two hour delay.

I had to drive to a nearby county at a much higher elevation the next day and saw this. It's hard to tell from the photo but everything was covered in a thin layer of ice and sparkled. It was beautiful and the roads were thankfully bare. And there were Christmas tree farms every couple of miles which made me start thinking about writing about tree farmers- kind of a lumberjack farmer cross who smells like pine and cinnamon. I'm thinking he might be the perfect guy for Becca Southerland. Or it might be a Christmas cookie craving. It's too soon to tell

Hope you are warm and safe with clear roads and the promise of spring on its way.

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